Identity for the Night of the Dictatorship 2019


The Night of the Dictatorship is an yearly occurring event in four different cities in The Netherlands organized by ProDemos as counterpart to the Day of the Democracy. They asked me to visualize the theme of this year which raises the question of which truth one should believe. Working with this theme I designed the main campaign visual and the program booklet of the event. 

Bunq is an innovative bank for a new generation. They asked me to show the features of their app by making video profiles of their business clients. In the video the business owner gives an insight into what they do and tell how bunq helps them to do that even better. So far I've captured the stories from a dog trainer to an IT consultant and from a fashion designer to a pastry chef. Luis from bunq sourced the businesses and wrote the voice over script, I did the filming, edit and music selection.