Helping youth to discover their political view



Young Voice is an online tool that I made for ProDemos that helps youth in The Netherlands discover their political view better. By focussing on their interests and needs I designed a mobile website that helps them learn more about political topics and parties in a personal, visual and playful way. By swiping through propositions and watching short videos the user gets to know more and is able to form their own opinion. 

Design choices
The target audience of Young Voice (youth from 16-25) are usually not engaged in politics. That's why all the information is layered and the user can make their own choices, making the tool accessible for anyone. For example:
> The user is not forced to watch a video on every topic, but they can if they want to know more.
> The user is able to pick 4 topics of their interest to answer propositions on, but is also able to choose all 6 to have a more accurate outcome.

Young Voice has been deployed for the Dutch Provincial Elections and the Dutch European Elections of 2019.


GRRR blog (interview)
Profielen (interview)
Goedemorgen Nederland (7:18)

Design, videography, concept and branding — Marciano Lansu
Development — Spaced
And a big thanks to Matthijs van Tuijl (ProDemos) and Jeroen Disch (GRRR Agency) who coached me during this project.