Storyteller in the digital age.

Have you ever realized that as humans, we are constantly telling each other stories? We use storytelling in everything we do to understand each other and give meaning to our own lives and those of others. The cavemen did it and our great-greatgrandchildren will do it too. The ways in which we express those stories, however, will always be subject to change. In our digital world these stories are becoming more and more visual and interactive. New technologies give us the chance to tell our stories better and clearer than before. But that doesn't mean that people are automatically listening.

My name is Marciano Lansu, and I'm here to help you tell your story. I believe that the combination of good design, strategy and branding can change people's behaviour. It can change people from not simply giving a f*ck to becoming fully engaged. It can change a story to become relevant in people's lifes.   

With my skills in videography and digital design and my knowledge about branding I am able to create fresh products and experiences. Having lived and worked in Seoul and Berlin, I've become aware of cultural differences and am able to use these insights in my work as a creative. Currently I'm living in Rotterdam and working everywhere where I take my laptop and camera.

My services
UI/UX design
Content Creation
Graphic Design




My work is...

Not for free
Unfortunately, I can't pay my bills with exposure or a free ticket. My work has value and if you want it, you will have to pay for it.

Diverse & inclusive
Where I can, I strive to make my work a reflection of the world it is designed in. Being conscious of different ethnicities, sexualities, cultures and beliefs. 

Everything starts with the user of a product or experience. I know how to research their needs and how to design for them.